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Dear Patriot Parents,

The following are instructions on how to register at and
order lunches (and breakfast beginning Sept. 6th) for your student.

Food prices increased over the summer, therefore lunch prices have increased a little bit
from last year. A standard lunch is $2.45. A large lunch is $3.30. If your
student is in grade(s) K-4 and you want them to receive a large you will need to
use school code lib200. A standard size lunch is really a very decent size. We
will be offering breakfast beginning Sept. 6th. The regular price for breakfast
will be $1.35. If you have any questions or need any help please contact Kristy
Oblad at [email protected]. Thank you!

A Beverage Card, also known as a Punch Pass, may be purchased for 2.50/card. Each card is good for 10 beverages. Students may choose from cold bottled water, 1% white milk or fat free chocolate milk. Students may request a cold cup of water for free. You may send cash or a check written out to Liberty Academy.

Ordering lunch for the first time–

Go to

Please select the login button above (right side of screen) then select the
register button and fill in the information requested. Liberty Academy School
Codes are:

Grades K-6 use lib100
Grades 7-9 use lib200
Grades 10-12 use lib300

Once you have registered you may add your child/children by selecting “Your
Students” and then “New Students” then enter your Child’s FIRST and LAST Name,
School Code then click “Create”. You must select a teacher. Repeat process for
any additional children.

Order meals? Please select the login in button above (right side of screen)
then select order meals option, select meals by child, press submit, order all
meals for any additional children, then select checkout, then submit again.
Enter your credit card information to pay for your order. *If you have been
approved for the free and reduced program, you will not be prompted to enter
your credit card info. If this is the case remember to contact
[email protected] to let Mrs. Oblad know you have registered. Do not
order until she tells you that your account is ready.*

will be given the option to print your order. Order acceptance is subject to the
cutoff time of 7am.

Cancel meals? To cancel a meal please click on the “Order History” tab on
the upper right side of your screen after logging in to the viegourmet website.
Select the order date you wish to change, then select the meal you wish to
cancel. Press submit. The credit card number will need to be entered to process
your refund. Cancellations are subject to the same cutoff dates and/or times as
orders. New orders cannot be cancelled until 24 hours after the order was

Obtain nutritional information? Please select the menu tab, click on the
current month’s menu and then select the nutrition option for the day you would
like to review.

Students approved for the National Free and Reduced School Lunch Program–

Follow the registration instructions above. DO NOT order lunches for any of your
students until you inform Kristy Oblad @[email protected] that your
student(s) are registered. She needs to go into your account and designate your
students regarding their eligibility. She will email you and let you know when
you are able to order. She checks her email several times a day and most often
will be able to get you ready to order within one day. After you receive your
email from her log into and order breakfast and/or lunch for the
desired days.

Students who already have Vie Gourmet Accounts–

Please login and update your students teacher and grade for this school year.
This is really important!

Again, if you need any help or have any questions at all please email Kristy
Oblad at [email protected]